Updates and recent events
Updates and recent events
Bill took his 8th Ordnance memory trip on the road, visiting old buddies from years past. He stopped by to catch up with Jim Miller in Omena, Michigan. Bill and Jane relaxed and enjoyed time with Jim and his wife Kathy, reminiscing about old times in the military as well as their lives post military. 

                    First Sergeant Rightnour moved out smartly. 
            Toured the country in search of his old Army friends. 
Bill dropped in on his old buddy Dennis Powers and his wife Cody who live in Northern California.
Catching up after 50 years took a while. Quality time was spent filling each other in on what they had done with their lives since leaving the army.
Bill, Jane, Chloe and Chief
on the steps of their motorhome away from home.
Next stop......Southern California
Reconnecting with Chuck Whaling
Chuck was everybody's friend at 8th Ordnance. Always ready with a quick smile or a positive word. From the photos, it would appear he hasn't lost his personality. Bill truly enjoyed seeing him again as he did all his old buddies.