Richard Knittle
Al Mutter and his best buddy, Pepper 

I did not find out that Pete was the great-grandson of a famous Indian chief and a Korean War veteran until I moved to Michigan in 2005. The town of Petoskey, near where I live, bears his family's name. Pete also served in  Viet Nam, was an author, and all around great guy. 
Cyrillus "Pete" Petoskey
Al Mutter was the company mail clerk, an excellent Volkswagen mechanic and source of inside company information. He was the company commander's driver and a good buddy.  Al was an easy going guy with a ready smile. he loved dogs! Actually that is an understatement. He had two poodles in Germany that he often kept in his VW, in the parking lot (against regulations). He would take the dogs to town and in mere minutes had more cute German Frauleins surrounding him than we would ever see buying them beers in a bar. He did get me in trouble one night when he overslept and forgot to pick me up at my girlfriend's house 40 kilometers away. I walked until a friend saw me and gave me a ride. Then I hunted him down.
Dennis C. Powers 
Joined the United States Army and spent three years in Straubing, West Germany where he and his wife, Codie, were married in 1962. After the service, they settled their family in Cottonwood, California where in 1983 he opened Eagles Nest Pizza. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, and their three daughters, Angela Laughlin (Pern), Sommer Powers and Monica Powers.

Remembering old friends, loved 
ones and and brother patriots