8th Ordnance Company,DS, Mansfield Kaserne, Straubing, Landshut and Regensburg, West Germany
8th Ordnance Company, DS, Mansfield Kaserne, Straubing, Landshut and Regensburg, West Germany
Photographs taken in, around, and over Mansfield Kaserne, Germany
The color photo shown to the right was taken in August of 2001 and is provided courtesy of Milt Aitken and his wonderful website about Mansfield Kaserne. 
The red arrow indicates the location of  the barracks of 8th Ordnance Co. DS. The blue arrow indicates our motor pool area which was housed in an old WWII airplane hanger. The large doors were riddled with patched bullet holes from Allied Forces strafing.
The color picture below provides a better view of the hanger (blue arrow indicates motor pool hanger area).
To see more photos of Mansfield Kaserne and additional contact information just click on the link to Milt's website below. 
Thank you Milt for your generosity in sharing your great aerial shots with us and for providing such a great resource for information. jm
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​Getting to and from West Germany was usually via troop transport ship. Two ships come to mind; I went over on the USNS Rose and came home on the USNS Patch. With the name "Patch" there was a little concern as to its seaworthiness. Below left is the port of embarkation and debarkation was Bremerhaven which means "Bremen's Harbor". It is located at the mouth of  the Weser River which flows to the North Sea. At lower right is the luxurious accommodations afforded those traveling to and from West Germany. It got a little ugly when rolling for eight straight days in February, 1965. I didn't mind. After three years in the Army, I could sleep anywhere. I was going home!
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