8th Ordnance Company,DS, Mansfield Kaserne, Straubing, Landshut and Regensburg, West Germany
The men of 8th Ordnance and their stories
In putting this website together, my intent was to simply re-connnect, share memories and a few photos.  As it turns out, there is a lot more to our stories than I realized. Also interesting and amazingly similar are the paths each of us took in service to our country, both before and after 8th Ordnance. 

To save space, each story is provided in PDF format. Take a moment to check them out. 
Thanks! jm

(To read each story, simply click on the file as noted) 
Al Ankrum's photos
Staff Sergeant Al Ankrum's story
Hauptstrasse (main street) Straubing, 1956
Staff Sergeant Ankrum's upscale office
​       Hmmmm, where's that laptop?
Mansfield Kaserne main gate (note 1950 era 6th ACR) 
SSgt Al and niece, Sue
Al's secretary   (just kidding)
1956 Straubing Volkfest band
View of Kaserne from 8th Ordnance barracks
1956 Volkfest parade, Straubing
Thanks for the pics, Al. We 
appreciate your sharing your time in 8th Ordnance with us and for providing us with some photos of Mansfield Kaserne during the 50s! 
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