As you can see by the number of buddies that have past on (below), we we are all getting up there in our years. The need to locate and possibly reunite with our old buddies takes on a new urgency. If you were in any way associated with the 11th Armored Cavalry or the 8th Ordnance Company in Straubing, Landshut, Regensburg or at any of the Czech border outposts in Germany, please contact me at 
See the roster of names of those I have not located below on the right. If you know where any of these guys are, or if I have missed anyone, let me know. Those accounted for are noted on the left.   
Thanks so much!
Skaggs SP/5
Hughes SP/5
Soholski (Skoogie)
Pope, John Sp/5
Ackerman, William
Bonner, Henry
Lipsey, Andrew PFC
Unwin  SSgt
Morrow, Kenneth   PFC
​Epperson,  SFC
Rausch, John F Jr.  PFC
King, Edward J   PFC
Hendricks, Elmer W   PFC
Salazar-Valdez, Raul  PFC
Jablonski, Paul B  PFC 
Kaurala, Arnold A  Sp/5
O'Bryan, Malcom F   Sp/4
Strohmeyer, John E   Sp/4
Conlon, John W   PFC

Barker Terry SP/4 Mo.
Irwin William SP/4 N.Y.
Smith James SP/4 OK
Borbeck Dieter SP/4 N.Y.
Rowan SP/4
Cole Joeseph SP/4
Bruton SP/4 
Massey 1LT
Parr Anthony 1LT N.Y.
Haynes SSG
Conroy SP/4
Decker Jack SP/4
Knighton SFC
Derry MSG
Fair Cecil CW4
LaTender Leonard WI
Ashley SP/4
Monk SP/5/CW3
Wojahowski SP/4
Waters AJ SP/5
Gallagher Patrick PFC PA 
Barerra MSgt
Pollock SP/4
Gray 1LT
            Roll Call
Present or accounted for
Rightnour, William PFC-1st Sgt
Miller, James SP/4
Fothergill, Leroy  SSG/CW3
Gilley, Earl N  Capt./Lt Col
Petoskey, Cyrillus  SP/5-SSgt **
Mutter, Alvin SP/4 **
Schreckenbach, PFC  **
Williams, Ernest SP/4  **
Whaling, Chuck  SP/4
Clark, Charles  SP/4
Crehan, SSgt **
Harty, Donald J Sp5/SFC
Rance Connell**
Don Kilmer**
Knittle, Richard SSgt **
Kling Melvin SP/5 CA
​Upton, Harry "Fuzzy" Sp/4
Seymour, Marvin
Powers, Dennis **
Zebrowski, Adam 1st Sgt**
Goff, Harold 1st Sgt WA **
​Herndon, Bobby SSgt/Sgt Major
Schuyler, Gene  Sp/4  **
Bishop, Harold F Sp4/MSgt  **
Fair Cecil CW4 **
​Armstrong Cecil SP/4 Maine
​Wise, Eugene SP/5 **
Hunt, Clarence L Sp/5 TX
Joe Vidrine **
**  Deceased
                                   Reunion Update Info
Our reunion was a blast! Make sure you check out the pics on the reunion page. Too bad we could not find more of our old buddies to attend. Perhaps next time! In the meantime, stay well and thanks for your service to your country.
8th Ordnance Co. (DS)
Walker, Jerry G   Sp/4