8th Ordnance Company,DS, Mansfield Kaserne, Straubing, Landshut and Regensburg, West Germany
Links to sites of interest associated with this website. Some have contributed photos or information included herein. 
Milt Aitken's great site on Mansfield Kaserne     www.longgreylinefarm.com/mansfieldkaserne.htm

Walter Elkin's great website on the 71st Ordnance Battalion (our headquarters unit)  Battalionshttp://www.usarmygermany.com/Units/Ordnance/USAREUR_71st%20Ord%20Bn.htm

Here's an interesting story by a soldier that was stationed in the Straubing area during the occupation period right after the war. We don't hear much about that era any more.   http://www.gallagherstory.com/ww2/chapter24.html

Here is a very interesting website with pictures and historical background of Straubing and Landshut  (Himmler's home town). Some images change from wartime to today.  http://www.tracesofevil.com/search/label/Straubing

Here is a page that shows the bomb impact areas in Straubing. I was not aware of the amount of damage done. Under the intro "Dear Mr. Kramer" you will see the word "picture" in blue. Read the info first as it is quite interesting, then look at the bombing pictures.  http://artkramer.blackapplehost.com/bombed.htm